Core Documents

RVR/01 Draft Rother Valley Railway (Bodiam to Robertsbridge Junction) Order
RVR/02 Extract from RDC District Plan
RVR/03 Planning Permission RR/94/1184/P
RVR/04 Planning Permission RR/2005/836/P
RVR/05 Planning Permission RR/2009/114/P
RVR/06 Planning permission RR/2012/1357/P
RVR/07 Planning permission RR/2014/1608/P
RVR/08 National Trust Annual report details
RVR/09 Steer Economic Impact report
RVR/10 Trip Advisor reviews
RVR/11 Visit Southeast England report
RVR/12 Visit Britain extract
RVR/13 Photographs of completed construction
RVR/14 Aims and Objectives of RVR
RVR/15 Objectives of RVRHT
RVR/16 Inspector Report on RDC Local Plan 13 December 2005
RVR/17 Explanatory memorandum - dated 14 March 2018
RVR/18 Statement of Aims of proposal
RVR/19 Report on Consultation
RVR/20 Funding statement
RVR/21 Estimate of costs
RVR/22 Book of reference
RVR/23 Order plans and sections (A4 size) A1 size with TWAO docs previously
RVR/24 Temple ES volume 1
RVR/25 Temple ES volume 2
RVR/26 Temple ES volume 3
RVR/27 Temple ES volume 4
RVR/28 Annex A Temple ES Nov 2016 and  ES Addendum responding to TWAO Scoping response Oct 2017
RVR/29 Temple Draft Air Quality Report - see RVR/60 for Final Report 
RVR/30 List of consents
RVR/31 All party Parliamentary Group on Heritage Railways report 2013
RVR/32 Mott McDonald Non-Motorised User Audit - Context Report - January 2013
RVR/33 Mott McDonald Economic cost of delays report
RVR/34 Mott McDonald Traffic Impact Study - October 2011
RVR/35 Not used
RVR/36 Capita FRA report
RVR/37 Capita FRA modelling report
RVR/38 Extracts from NPPF
RVR/39 Extract from ESCC planning policy
RVR/40 Extracts from Salehurst and Robertsbridge Neighbourhood dev. plan
RVR/41 Welsh Highland Railway Order 1999
RVR/42 Northbridge Street Road Safety Audit
RVR/43 Junction Road Stage 1 road safety audit
RVR/44 A21 Stage 1 Road Safety Audit
RVR/45 Not used
RVR/46 SUP/80
RVR/47 Letter from 1066
RVR/48 Not used
RVR/49 SUP/187 letter
RVR/50 SUP/114 letter
RVR/51 National Trust July 2018 letter
RVR/52 SUP/172 letter
RVR/53 SUP/113 letter
RVR/54 SUP/108
RVR/55 SUP/172 letter
RVR/56 RDC officer report to Planning Committee 17 March 2017
RVR/57 SUP/121 letter
RVR/58 SUP/80 letter
RVR/59 Copies of Newspaper notices
RVR/60 Temple Final Air Quality Report
RVR/61 Highways and Traffic Assessment Report - Assessment of Delays - July 2013
RVR/62 Non-Motorised Uset (NMU Audit) - July 2013
RVR/63 Highways and Traffic Assessment Report - Response to HA comments on A21 Crossing - February 2013
RVR/64 Scoping Opinion and associated documents
ORR Submission

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